Frequently Asked Questions

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Lock&Track Jail Management Systems and Services

Equipment questions.

Can we connect our existing PCs to it?

Can other terminals or workstations be connected?

Can we connect to other agencies' computer systems?

What kind of computer does it run on?

What kind of database does it use?

Can our offender information be protected against unauthorized access?

What is required for daily operations and maintenance?

Customization Questions

How is Lock&Track configured to fit my facility's size and requirements?

How is the system configured?

Is the system reliable and trouble-free?

What reporting capabilities are available?

Can we develop our own reports?

Can the Lock&Track screens and applications be modified easily?

Can the offender database be changed or extended?

Financial Questions

How is Lock&Track licensed? Is it per-user or CPU-based?

What operational costs should I expect?

What financing options are available?

Can we connect our existing PCs to it?  Back

Lock&Track is designed to work on any TCP/IP based LAN or Wide-Area network (including the Internet). Lock&Track runs on Windows-based systems.

This flexibility allows different stations to share data, simplifies data-entry by allowing each area to perform specialized operations and share the resulting data, and allows connectivity with other equipment that may be less flexible such as fingerprint scanners and automated mugshot systems.

Can other terminals or workstations be connected?  Back

Yes. Lock&Track supports all of HP's VT-series terminals.

Whether you are trying to re-purpose existing equipment that might otherwise be discarded, or acquiring new dedicated rapid data-entry terminals, Lock&Track provides the flexibility you need.

Can we connect to other agencies' computer systems?  Back


Lock&Track Online is entirely platform neutral.

Lock&Track desktop's hardware platform directly supports a wide variety of industry standard networks, including Ethernet, Token-Ring, and TCP/IP.

Proprietary networks, like IBM's SNA, are typically supported via gateways, terminal and printer protocol emulator software, and specific hardware interfaces.

Lock&Track can be integrated with or connected to:

  • Photo-booking, mug-shot and photo line-up systems.
  • Fingerprint systems.
  • Vending machines (to complement or replace in-house commissaries).
  • Inmate phone systems.

Lock&Track is designed to be a functional part of a law enforcement and corrections information community.

Why doesn't Lock&Track run on Microsoft server products?  Back

HP Server systems are designed for mission-critical work that requires 24/7 365-days-a-year reliability. Law Enforcement and Jails and Prisons have to operate efficiently at all times, and robust tested hardware is a core element of this reliability.

To take advantage of reliable hardware, an operating system that minimizes crashes, scheduled reboots, and other downtime is critical. OpenVMS is used because of its open systems attributes, high functionality, user security and access control features. OpenVMS meets the highest level of open standards conformance for portability and interoperability.

What is the Oracle/Rdb database?  Back

Rdb is a sophisticated, mature software product which provides many features which are critical to 24 365 operations,including:

  • High performance and throughput.
  • Multi-user access.
  • Open system access by SQL-based applications.
  • Data integrity, protection and security.
  • Database management and administration.
  • Database evolution to meet changing needs.

How secure is our offender data?  Back

Lock&Track meets legal requirements for data security by starting with the right operating system and database software, and building security as an integral part of the system design.

Each user account can be configured to permit only data-queries, to permit data updates and insertions, or to provide full access to all configurable options. The system administrator assigns these permissions to each user based on that individual's level of training, expertise and job requirements.

Lock&Track online uses Secure Socket Layer protection to insure security. This is the same security model used by major online retailers, and is considered quite robust. The server hardware and software was rated "unhackable" at DEFCON 9, the annual hacker convention that acts as a real-world test for robustness. This provides a strong assurance of security.

What is required for daily operations and maintenance?  Back

All maintenance can be eliminated by using Lock&Track online.

For customers who need the ability to customize extensively, or simply prefer the autonomy of owning their own equipment, Lock&Track adds a small maintenance load that varies with use.

A small facility with a light booking and release workload will require only the part-time services of a staff person to maintain the system and database, typically a workload of about 5 hours per week.

Larger systems, with multiple users performing data update, inquiries and reports to support a moderate to heavy booking and release workload will require a dedicated systems administrator, mostly to support the user community, handle special ad hoc reporting needs, and perform daily systems operations duties. Depending on the needs at your facility, the workload can range from half-time to full-time, possibly with responsibilities shared by more than one individual.

How is Lock&Track configured to fit my facility's size and requirements?  Back

Based on your facility's size (bed-count), number of staff users, estimated growth and other factors, we will configure:

  • A Lock&Track Offender Database configured for your facility.
  • The Lock&Track application software, including system administration tools.
  • An appropriate HP Server computer system with sufficient capacity.
  • PCs, terminals and printers as required.
  • Lock&Track photo imaging software.
  • (Optional) Lock&Track document imaging software.
  • (Optional) A PC-LAN network configuration to support workstations and printers.
  • (Optional) Any other network devices needed for inter-agency connections.

How is the system configured?  Back

The Lock&Track server system performs several network roles:

  • The Lock&Track application and database server.
  • A PC-LAN application and file server.
  • A network communications hub, connecting to other computers.

PCs are connected to the system via the PC-LAN as client workstations. They access the database via the Lock&Track application screens and reports, or by performing data queries and generating reports using SQL and ODBC client-server tools.

Character-cell terminals connected to the system are lower-cost workstations. They access the database using the Lock&Track application screens and reports only.

Is the system reliable and trouble-free?  Back

Yes. The Lock&Track system is engineered to provide 24 365 access to your offender database. Your jail operations cannot tolerate system failures, database crashes, or data unavailability, and we have designed Lock&Track to provide your organization with mission critical support.

OpenVMS on the HP Server platforms are is widely acknowledged to be reliable and trouble-free. These computer systems are found in many mission critical applications such as banking, manufacturing, government, financial, and technical enterprises.

Oracle/Rdb has a well-deserved reputation as one of the premier relational database products currently available. Rdb supports numerous features to ensure that your data is always available and protected from mishaps, such as losses due to power failures, unauthorized access, or other problems.

What reporting capabilities are available?  Back

You will have ready access to a wide range of standard reports and can create ad hoc reports on demand. Lock&Track provides a large repertory of ready-to-use reports, including:

  • Inmate rosters.
  • Booking reports.
  • Bail reports.
  • Custody reports.
  • Time-served reports.
  • Housing and Keep-separate reports.
  • Classification and risk assessments.
  • Scheduling reports (e.g., court appearances, worker scheduling).
  • Disciplinary incident, investigation and action reports.
  • Disciplinary hearings schedules, completions, notifications and waivers.
  • Medical releases and assessment forms.
  • Visitor logs.
  • Commissary reports.
  • Property lists and receipts.
  • Trust account summaries and receipts.
  • Trust account refund checks.
  • Scheduled release and kick-out lists
  • ...and many more.

Lock&Track's reports can be generated on demand by any user. You may want to generate some reports on a regular periodic basis, typically for daily operations or to meet public-access requirements.

Lock&Track can be configured to automatically generate selected reports without operator intervention. The production reports are designed for quick generation with minimal database loading.

You will also find that some of your reporting needs are occasional, special purpose, or one-of-a-kind. We can run these ad hoc reports, for you, or train your staff to run them using tools such as Excel, Access and Word or Crystal Reports

Can we develop our own reports?  Back

Of course. Lock&Track provides open access to the database, and is fully compliant with current SQL standards. This means that you can select from among the excellent report generator software products on the market which support data access via SQL and ODBC. These tools are simple to use and provide effective access to your data.

Standard desktop tools such as the Microsoft Office suite and any SQL/ODBC compliant report software can extract, process, format and report data from the Lock&Track Offender Database.

We provide, recommend and support the Crystal Reports Professional report writer tool and Crystal Info Enterprise Reporting and Analysis System for both production and ad hoc report development.

Can the Lock&Track screens and applications be modified easily?  Back

All Lock&Track desktop screens are based on LockWorks' proprietary Relational Application Programmer's Toolkit (RAPT) technologies, which make product customization and adaptations a snap. Turnaround is often measured in days or weeks, rather than months or release cycles.

Lock&Track desktop is designed to work in a modular fashion, so that you can choose to turn on the features you need, including:

  • Complete book-in and release data processing.
  • Sentence calculations.
  • Release date maintenance, including minimums and maximums.
  • Goodtime and credit-for-time-served allowances.
  • Time served and other interval calculations.
  • Statute and bail validation lookups.
  • No-bail and co-bail (with another case or charge).
  • Arrest and amended charge data.
  • Booking number auto-generation.
  • Soundex name indexing and matching.
  • Unlimited alias name management.
  • Unlimited id-number (licenses, SSN, etc.) management.
  • Court name vs. booking name management.
  • Booking photo capture and filing.
  • Photographic and document imaging retrievals and displays.
  • Property locker assignments and control, with receipts.
  • Keep-separate housing analysis.
  • Automatic housing assignment recommendations.
  • Inmate housing moves and transfers.
  • Risk and security classification assessment instruments and calculations.
  • Disciplinary infraction lookups and sanctioning.
  • Attorney and clergy records, authorizations, visitation control.
  • Visitor authorization. logging, flags and management.
  • Commissary inventory control, thresholds, trigger points.
  • Release processing, return of property, trust refund checks, and receipts.
  • Date and time formatting.
  • Automated scheduling and calendaring, such as court dates, work schedules.
  • Standard address data formatting.
  • Memo field data editing support.
  • Electronic records authorization and approvals.
  • Local or workstation printer management.
  • Numerous "mini-reports", including population quick-counts, min/max release dates, inmate locations, and many more.
  • And we're adding more module elements all the time!

All of these Lock&Track features are controlled by LockWorks; features are turned on and configured for your site-specific needs directly in the Lock&Track database.

RAPT is a software development support product which supports rapid applications development (RAD) techniques, plus quick, easy customization of data screen presentations and features. Because RAPT is so easy to learn and use, your own data processing staff can make most typical Lock&Track application modifications themselves. Of course, LockWorks' staff is also available to perform whatever customization services you may require.

The combination of LockWorks and RAPT make Lock&Track one of the most adaptable and manageable corrections information systems on the market today. The product is designed to adapt to your facility's needs and requirements; your staff is not made to conform to the rigid way that some other systems work.

Can the offender database be changed or extended?  Back

Yes, Lock&Track desktop's database can be modified for your needs. Already included are all elements recommended by the American Correctional Association's "Standards for Adult Local Detention Facilities" (Std. 3-ALDF-1F-07), plus many more required by actual operations, your site may have additional data to enter, maintain and report.

Once the new data is defined in the database, we can either modify existing reports or create new ones to provide standard access to that information. Remember, it's not enough just to store the data; it must be accessible to corrections professionals, both in reports and on screens. Some software allows you to modify the database through third party tools, requiring you to remember to fill in additional fields during data entry. Lock&Track's RAPT foundation allows us to add fields and reports for streamlined data management.

How is Lock&Track licensed? Is it per-user or CPU-based?  Back

Lock&Track is licensed on a per-facility-bed basis. Our software product licensing fee is based on the rated capacity (number of inmate beds) of your jail facility.

If your corrections department manages multiple facilities (buildings), Lock&Track licensing is based on the total capacity in all jail facilities.

If your jurisdiction decides to renovate and expand your jail facilities, our product licensing agreement stipulates an increased bed-count upgrade license fee which we will assess when we modify the Lock&Track database to manage that extra bed capacity.

We chose per-bed licensing (rather than per-user or CPU) because it more fairly reflects the product's actual supported workload and value to your organization. Notice that per-bed licensing is effectively site-wide licensing. Your Lock&Track license is unaffected by changes you may need to make in server processor upgrades, number and configuration of PC-LAN workstations, or staff/employee head-counts (users).

This is true for both the desktop, and online versions, though the specific formula for calculating total cost differs.

What operational costs should I expect?  Back

Lock&Track Online operational costs are included in your lease fee. (This does not include maintenance of your computers or web-access.)

Lock&Track Desktop requires:

  • An appropriate staffing commitment and budget for system administration. Small jails may require only a few hours of dedicated time per week, while large facilities may require one or more dedicated staff positions. The latter is mainly due to increased user support requirements and a generally higher demand for customization, which you may want to do in-house.
  • Ongoing training for new employees, and to maximize efficiency of existing employees. This will clearly vary with facility size and is challenging to predict.
  • Although HP Servers and the OpenVMS system are designed for reliability, any computer system requires maintenance and periodic hardware upgrades. We recommend that you use hardware support and maintenance coverage from HP to support and protect the Server computer system platform, and that you budget for regular equipment updates.
  • All other Lock&Track Desktop support services are provided in our standard 90-day warranty and optional extended warranty coverage, including product software updates, problem fixes, and telephone "hot-line" support.

What financing options are available?  Back

Lock&Track Online's costs are balanced over the lease period, reducing initial adoption costs.

To purchase Lock&Track Desktop, most organizations will require capital equipment justifications and budgeting to purchase equipment and retain initial training and installation services. Many government agencies prefer this traditional method of acquiring a major, mission critical data system, and we are experienced in helping to craft the documentation and address the technical questions to get budgetary needs approved.