Lock&Track vs. Lock&Track Online

Choose the right product suite for your environment!
Lock&Track Jail Management Systems and Services

Lock&Track Corrections Information System

Lock&Track Online

Type of product: Turnkey application & computer system Web based application service
What you get: All of Lock&Track --- You own & operate the system The modules of Lock&Track that fit your needs --- We own & operate the system
Acquisition method: Procurement: Purchase or Lease Fee for Service
Budget impact: Capital equipment & operating Operating only
Suitable for: Medium to large jails, with adequate staff commitment to support. Jails not wishing to add IT responsibilities.
Operating responsibility: Your jail and/or IT staff LockWorks' operations staff
Customization: Extensive, installation-specific Moderate, commonly useful to all L&TOnline customers
Benefits: Dedicated, mission critical system tuned to your organization's needs Effortless data sharing among participating organizations, no cost of ownership