A wide repertory of industry-standard SQL based data query and report generation tools can be used to access Lock&Track's offender database.
Lock&Track Jail Management Systems and Services

Downtime and data loss are unacceptable in the high-pressure environment of a modern jail. With reliability and redundancy foremost in our minds, LockWorks has selected technology with a long history of reliability and support to ensure continuity and robust performance.

We start with Hewlett-Packard hardware. HP Server Systems have a rock-solid track record spanning more than two decades. They offer excellent performance and value with scaleability for easy initial adoption that allows your technology solution to grow with your needs. We build on this with a product model that allows us to increase our hosted server base without disruption to clients and provides robust data security. The OpenVMS operating system provides multi-user support, performance and security. Whether you have one user, or hundreds, there is an affordable solution that fits your needs.

Oracle's RDB database provides extraordinary real-world throughput, extremely high reliability and availability, and less maintenance and downtime than other databases. Industry-standard SQL based data query and report generation tools integrate seamlessly for compatibility with leading report generation technology such as Crystal Reports, Jasper Reports, and MS Office.

Lock&Track is based on open systems design principals, providing open access to the database (mediated by appropriate authorization levels), and permitting a variety of interconnections to PC-LANs, open system computers and networks. PC-LAN network support is integrated to provide open systems access.

Integration support for document and photo images, fingerprint capture, and other modern intake functionality is an integral part of the Lock&Track system. Unlike many graphics-heavy interfaces, Lock&Track utilizes RAPT, a proprietary technology, to provide multiple user interfaces. A traditional terminal environment allows rapid keyboard-only data entry for power users. A Windows-compliant Graphical User Interface is available for normal, every-day database access. RAPT also allows customization of reports and screens quickly and affordably. Many changes can be made within hours -- a capability few (if any) other vendors offer, and a key advantage in paper-heavy environments such as corrections facilities.