Marion County : Case Study

Target : accurate tracking and intensive management without redundant manpower requirements.
Lock&Track Jail Management Systems and Services

Marion County Department of Corrections (MCDC)

MCDC is a moderate-sized correctional system housing an offender population of several thousand, maintaining a substantial field supervision workload of active cases and coordinating with an off-premises work center. All of these offender files must be accurately tracked and intensively managed without adding redundant manpower requirements. Furthermore, the nature of corrections training necessitates accurate tracking of current certifications. In the mid-Eighties, visionary staffers realized the power of leveraging computer automation to streamline workload and reduce processing error rates.

Prior to 1986, automation services were delivered by the mainframe-based application "RAIN" (Regional Automated Information Network). This provided rudimentary data storage and processing. However, after adopting Lockworks LLC's breakthrough Lock&Track software, new report capability and accessible data entry modules streamlined MCDC's existing procedures and supported the automation of functions that had required additional manpower under the archaic RAIN system.

MCDC's timely upgrade from a sluggish manual system to a modern, full-featured management package is due primarily to the initiative and vision of one individual. Jean Hill, who had been tasked by the Department with information analysis, discovered that there was essentially no digital data to analyze. What little information she had with which to compile statistical analyses was gleaned by hand from paper files. Ms. Hill had a firm vision of what she wanted to build: an offender database that was owned and operated by the Department, driven exclusively by client requirements.

Enter the founders of Lockworks LLC. Ms. Hill worked iteratively with Lockworks LLC to develop an application satisfying the demands and challenges of corrections facility environments from the intake room through property management. Eventually this suite of tools would grow to the current comprehensive library of modules that include employee training, scheduling, commissary accounts, and more.

Initial efforts focused on developing offender risk assessment instruments, with simple data entry, automatic scoring and classification, historical records tracking and basic reporting. The experiment was more successful than originally conceived: within two weeks, an elderly department volunteer with no previous computer experience was handling department data entry.

Information previously written by hand on form after form became accessible across multiple corrections modules with auto-fill functionality. In-processing, violation tracking, health management and other applications emerged to streamline operational information requests onto one, accurate, up-to-date data set.

Lockworks LLC had handed Jean Hill and MCDC the key to great software: user-driven evolution, iterative development, and constant attention to customer feedback. Decades ahead of our competitors, Lockworks LLC continues to broaden the parameters of the possible in corrections software. Lockworks LLC has led a growing number of correctional systems into today's offender management software. We would like to take your system with us into tomorrow.