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Lock&Track Jail Management Systems and Services
"I want to take a second to express my sincere appreciation for the work you have done to make this dream a reality. We will now have completely automated inmate trust accounting thanks to your vision. Savings in man-hours our department will experience as a result of this is the benefit a true partnership for services provides.
Again thanks for your vision, it served to make Marion County Corrections Facility a model in the business."

John V. Keithley, Supervisor, Marion County Corrections Facility
L&T since June, 2000.
Jail size 13 beds.
User base : 6
L&T since October, 2008.
Jail size 25 beds.
User base : 12
L&T since December, 1999.
Jail size: 160 beds
User base: 35
L&T Co-Developer, 1989.
Jail size: 550 beds
User base: 310
L&T since Dec. 1999.
Sheriff's Dept. Jail size: 700 beds.
Sheriff's Dept. House of Corrections size: 1800 beds.
L&T since 1996.
Prison System: 6000 beds.
Criminal Justice Center: 350 beds.