Lock&Track Customers

Join our growing network of online management customers and realize the benefits of a rich set of data even more quickly!
Lock&Track Jail Management Systems and Services
Lock&Track promotes teamwork within your organization by eliminating duplication of data entry and tracking and providing quick reference to records across facilities, as well as across multiple sites. Using a single database with custom applications for each department increases efficiency by eliminating redundant records. LockWork's products pre-load relevant offender data for quick entry and updates. This means that, once intake is complete, records entered by other staff will be pre-loaded with basic offender data, which insures integrity as well as streamlining data entry.

Now, Lock&Track Online allows smaller facilities to realize some of the benefits of larger prisons and jails without additional overhead.
By joining our growing network of online customers, you can streamline transfers, facilitate location of remote beds, and even create more effective digital line-ups.

The power of Lock&Track Online increases as corrections facilities with reciprocal agreements join the network. Examples include the ability to form line-ups using images of offenders from any facility in the network, transfers of prisoners between correctional facilities, and conformity of information collection where this is desired. See our customer list to find our whether jails in your area of reciprocity are currently participating, or visit our solutions page for materials you can use to advocate for a block-adoption.
Marion County, Oregon, was our first customer, and responsible for the Genesis of Lock&Track. Their input taught LockWorks' founders the power of customer-driven design, and iterative development. They remain a satisfied customer more than a decade later, and their experiences are instructive for all our clients. For a bit of Lock&Track history, and an idea of how the product integrates in an existing environment, read this case study that shows what Lock&Track can do for you.