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Data Management for Corrections : comprehensive, flexible solutions for jail and prison management.
Lock&Track Jail Management Systems 
        for Corrections

Take Control Now with a Jail Management System that provides flexible reporting for accurate, current and detailed information about offenders and inmates. Lock&Track manages your data from investigation to booking, through sentence calculation and parole.

Lock&Track Prison Management System is a comprehensive, simple and affordable solution with the agility to streamline the intake and tracking processes of modern corrections facilities by adapting to the way those processes work.

LockWorks uses an innovative software model to provide the rapid deployment and low cost of off-the-shelf software with the flexibility of custom-built software. We keep our customers lean and agile with report customization and 24-7 support and maintenance.

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Software that works for you.

Current, detailed inmate reports can be generated with any SQL compatible reporting tool.
Streamlined interfaces for field officers, data entry, and other specialized personnel.
Time-saving functions include bed selection, early-release lists, alias reconciliation, and much more.
Flexible and adaptable sentence tracking provides stop/start capability as well adjustment factors.
Guaranteed fingerprint and mugshot automation. Victim notification integration at client request.
Adoption to deployment in 30-60 days for most sites
Prisoner tracking from arrest to court to parole
SQL, Oracle, HP : Established technology with demonstrated reliability

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