Desktop and Online management solutions for every every jail and prison environment.
Lock&Track Jail Management Systems and Services


Lock&Track is available in both subscription and site-located versions, to meet the needs of large and small facilities. Both versions build on the same innovative technology : a proprietary system that allows us to provide customized software on a schedule and budget competitive with off-the-shelf software.

Both offer a complete information management system designed to work the way you do. The highlights include:

  • Instant access to information about offender population and facilities use
  • Detailed inmate physical description with multiple image tracking and automated line-up generation
  • Tracking and reconciliation of multiple aliases, including "soundex" (phoneme-based) retrieval
  • Tracking and reports for Court and docket, incarceration history, time-served with multiple start/stop dates, transportation, release dates, disciplinary, medical, parole and much much more. New tracking options can be provided for customers with individual needs.
  • Integration with industry-standard fingerprint and image capture stations and barcode tracking
  • Automatic generation of online reports (such as offender-tracking) customized to local requirements
  • Optional add-ins provide integrated tracking for commissary accounts, officer training, and other 'house-keeping' functionality to provide a single comprehensive jail management system flexible enough to meet and grow with your needs.

Lock&Track Online, our subscription service, provides a modern web-based interface hosted on servers owned and maintained by LockWorks. Security is ensured with secure connections, user-specific log-ins and tracking, and the robust security integral to the VMS operating system. Depending on size, clients may choose to reside on shared equipment, or may use dedicated equipment where size and contract duration justify the investment, or where budget and business rules require it.

Lock&Track on-site installations are generally only cost-effective for very large customers, or those with a requirement for fully-vested hardware. The same jail management tools are available, hosted on servers purchased by the customer, and installed and configured by LockWorks personnel. Maintenance and support programs are available, and training is provided for both staff and support staff. Initial costs are greater, but equipment is owned and support services can be moved to in-house staff, reducing ongoing costs.

To help you understand the benefits of each product set, we have prepared a Convenient Checklist comparing them.


Lock&Force provides supporting functionality for comprehensive case by case and crime-trend tracking. This includes:

  • case and incident tracking: involved persons, suspects, evidence, searches, arrests.
  • Property tracking including vehicle tracking.
  • Alias, address, location and involved persons tracking and correlation.
  • Case/Incident reports and crime analysis reporting and tracking.

With Lock&Track and Lock&Force you can track your case load from investigation through prosecution and incarceration.

Additional Modules

Inmate Management
Inmate classifications, incident reporting, disciplinary case management and tracking, housing control, segregations, searches, referrals and reviews, grievances, etc.
Inmate Accounts
Inmate trust accounting, transactions, funds intake and dispersal, posting, online accounts ledger, commissary, deposits, checks, store-front, standing journal, cash box, etc.
Inmate Services
Inmate services, medical, work programs, trustees, programs, classes, etc.
Day Reporting Center
Check-in, interviews, aliases, addresses, alerts, UA tests, contacts, etc.
Facilities Management
Transportation, food services, meals, facilities and cell maintenance, capital assets, etc.

Packages are available separately or bundled into one comprehensive solution for a special rate. For pricing information, please contact us so that we may work with you to determine which pricing model and which program modules will best suit your needs.