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Lock&Track Jail Management Systems and Services

PDF Documents

Overview for Decision Makers : concise information to answer decision-maker's critical questions.

Technical Overview for IT/IS : requirements, specifications, and architecture overview for technical staff.

Comprehensive Overview : products, company background, and other useful information.

Lock&Track AIRS : Availability, Integrity, Reliability and Security. A white paper covering both Lock&Track Desktop and Lock&Track Online. (Also applicable to Lock&Force and add-on modules.)

Convenient price list with summary of products and modules, individual and package pricing.

Useful checklist to aid in initial set-up and installation.

User Guides

LTClient User Guide This overview of Lock&Track functionality is the best starting point for new users. Includes a convenient appendix for toolbar functions and covers everything you need to get started.

JAIL User Guide This tutorial uses the JAIL application to walk you through the basic functionality in all LockWorks desktops. Includes inmate intake, reports, logging, and other basic concepts.

Tutorial : Booking a new inmate An Overview of the booking process.

Tutorial : Sentencing and clocks An Overview of court tracking, sentence calculation and tracking, and matrix-release functions.


Introduction to Lock&Track, the basis for all our products.

Explains the various products available, and the differences between online and desktop versions.

Excel Spreadsheets

Lock&Track Online Cost Analysis