Acquire the corrections information system you can afford today and that grows with you tomorrow.
Lock&Track Jail Management Systems and Services

Lock&Track is a comprehensive suite of jail management tools to track everything from inmate intake and placement to commissary account balances and staff training. We'll help you choose the products you need and integrate your compatible existing technology.

Discover the power of open-systems database development. A data-rich environment with native hooks for SQL-queries provides the ability to leverage tools like Crystal Reports, MS Office or Jasper Reports, while providing built-in support for most of your reporting needs.

The Lock&Track jail management suite is based on proven reliable technology. While VAX, VMS, and Oracle/RDB may not be familiar "buzzwords", they have provided a solid foundation for truly robust systems for decades. Let us show you why the "latest, greatest" thing may just be technology that has had a chance to mature.

Now you know what Lock&Track can do for you. We'd like to help you show your colleagues.

We know adoption of new technology is usually the result of a few forward-thinking individuals within the organization, so we've prepared several documents you can download and use in presentations or as internal memos.