Technical Support

Talk to a competent technician every time you call, 24-7, 365 days a year.
Lock&Track Jail Management Systems and Services
Customer support sets us apart from our competitors. From running specialized data queries when you need answers quickly, to solving technical problems at 3am, Lockworks is committed to being there when you need us.

This committment to excellence begins with the bidding process when we prepare a network design recommendations customized to your facility and needs. We are often able to save our customers 10% or more over competitor's prices, in part because we determine the true needs of the facility for current use, and anticipated growth, rather than applying a pre-determined solution that may over or under estimate actual requirements.
Once approved, our team arrives at your site to handle every aspect of installation, from site preparation through testing your new network.

Your productivity remains our focus with customized training. From basic data-entry to training your IT staff to write custom reports, we help you identify and utilize the aspects of Lock&Track that will net the largest benefits. For large installations, we can also train your technical leaders to provide in-house training and mentoring to your staff.
Custom reporting is impossible with many platforms. Proprietary database access can prevent free standing software from accessing data, and integration with management software can be impossible.

Our agile technology platform, on the other hand, allows us to respond to customer requests for custom reports and interface changes with astonishing turnaround times often measured in days or weeks. (Compare this to the traditional software answer: "When the next release comes out...") Ask us how customization can increase your efficiency too.