From basic user training, to advanced report design skills : we train you to take control of your data.
Lock&Track Jail Management Systems and Services

Lock&Track training classes are available. Training fees are not included in the system purchase price, but are quoted separately. We provide three standard classes:

  • User Training
  • System Administrator Training
  • RAPT Applications Development Training

User Training provides students with everything they need to know to use Lock&Track data screens and reports effectively and efficiently. We can either conduct all training classes for your staff, or we can "Train your trainers" to enable your experienced staff to conduct classes for your other staff members. This latter approach is valuable because it permits you to handle routine staff turnover and refresher training as an internal support function.

System Administrator Training provides one or more of your staff members with all the knowledge and tools they need to successfully operate and manage the Lock&Track system, including database backup and recovery procedures, user authorizations and support, and other routine tasks. We recommend that you create a small, cooperative team of individuals to participate in this training and to undertake system administration responsibilities. A team approach provides functional redundancy, full-shift coverage, and cross-training support to manage Lock&Track operations with confidence.

RAPT Applications Development Training is designed for DP staff who need to modify and support Lock&Track applications desktops, or who want to develop entirely new desktops for your corrections operations or other purposes.